Thursday, September 29, 2011

To the Siblings of Jesus

Dear James, Joseph, Simon, Judas, and sisters,

I imagine you aren't used to getting a lot of attention, at least compared to your big brother. But I have to be honest;you fascinate me. What was your family life like? I wonder, what was it like having a truly perfect big brother?
Did you get tired of people saying, "Why can't you be more like Jesus"?
Did you roll your eyes and respond by saying "He's only my HALF brother."?
When you went to synagogue did the rabbis expect you to act just like him?
I know at least one of you became a follower of Jesus the Messiah. Was that weird? coming to the conclusion that your brother, the guy that you shared a room with was God? It had to have been a bit strange.
After you got saved, did you rethink every conversation you ever had with him? I would have..

There sure were a bunch of you... at least 7 kids in the family, from what I read..

Here's what I think it was like at the dinner table.:

Mary: (setting the veggie bowl in the middle of the table) Time to eat, everyone! (All nine people come running into the kitchen and squish around a table made for eight.)

Jane: Mom, Simon keeps bumping my chair! make him stop, Mom!

Mary: "Simon, stop bothering your sister. If you can't behave, I'll have to have Jesus sit between you." (Simon rolls his eyes, but stops bothering Jane.)

Mary: Joseph, I told you that you should have made this table a little longer. Do you think you could add a couple of feet to it?

Joseph: Yes dear. How many more feet do you want me to add? It already has four. (All the boys chuckle)

Mary: (Smiles tolerantly) and Joe, remember the twins need to start their carpentry lessons soon.

Twins: (they groan in unison) Do we have to?

James: (One of the twins) I want to be a fisherman!

Joe jr.: I want to be a tax collector!

Mary: Joe Jr. Don't you say such a thing! Both of you are going to learn your father's trade... just like Jesus did.

Twins: (Groan again)

Jill: Mom, you know, Jesus doesn't want to be carpenter forever. He has bigger plans, don't you Jesus? (All motion at the table stops.)

Judas: He wants to see the world, don't you, Jesus?

Joseph: Jesus, is this true?

Jesus: Aw, Dad. You know that I have to be about my father's... my other father's.... business.

Joseph: that again? Mary, do you hear what your son is saying?

Mary: yes, dear. Judas, pass the peas to your brothers, please.

Joseph: Mary! Did you hear... wait a minute. You knew this already, didn't you?

Mary: Yes, dear. For a long time. and so did you,

Joseph: humph. I'd rather forget all of that supernatural stuff. I'm telling you Jesus, you should just stay here in Nazareth, and work in the shop. It's safer here. Who knows what kind of trouble you'll get yourself into out there in the world.

Mary: (Looks sternly at Joseph) Ahem.

Joseph: (quickly responds) but if you feel like that's what God wants you to do, who am I to stand in the way? Just visit your mother and me, every once in a while, okay, son? (squeezes his shoulder and walks out the door.)

Jane: Mom! Simon's doing it again! Make him stop!

Mary: Okay that's it, Simon!. Stop being so bad! Move to the next chair... Let Jesus take your place...

(Normal table craziness continues..and fades away.)