Wednesday, April 11, 2012

K- Dear ....

Okay, I have a question: Can I pass on a letter? This one is bound to get me in trouble... I have way too many friends whose name starts with "K" and they all deserve a letter. But that's not really the reason that I want to pass.

There is a particular person that I would love to write to. But the subject matter is way too intense for a blog letter. Even if I changed her name (But made sure it still started with a "k" of course), she would know and be horrified that a a very devastating part of her life was written about and  read by hundreds (okay, tens) of people.

But if I were going to write it, I would tell her how sorry I was that the event happened. Everyone that knows about it knows that it wasn't her fault. It really is one of those things that "just happened" and it really stinks that she was involved. Mostly I would say that I was sorry that I wasn't the friend I needed to be at the time.

That's all. "K" is not a happy letter.


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