Personalized Adventure stories for your children- please fill out questionaire

If you would like to have a children's book written with your child as one of the main characters (and illustrated by my wonderfully artistic daughter!), please fill out this worksheet. Then copy and paste and send to my email: I will contact you and tell you where to send the check and also let you see a rough draft before I send you the final draft by snail mail!  (You should receive the book within 3 weeks.)

There are two main choices. Please circle the type of book you are interested in (Or if you are sending it by email, just change the words to a different ink color):

Choice one: (cost $20.00 with photos, $25.00 with original illustrations- approximately 10 page spiral book)
A book about the child made from a template.
(everybody that orders this gets the same basic story
with the individual information put in particular places- kind of an "I remember the day you were born book.")

Choice two: (cost $25.00 with photos, $30.00 with original illustrations- approximately 10 page spiral book.)
An original story taking into consideration the personal likes and dislikes of the child, their favorite activities with people they know.

Please fill out the following information for both types of books:

Full name of child:


Time of birth:

City of birth:

Length when born:

Weight when born:

Name child is called:

Father's name:

Mother's name:

Name, gender, and birthdate of siblings:.


Please send a photo of your child and and a photo of the entire family with your questionaire so that we can make the illustrations look realistic. Sending a picture of your pets would be good also.

Please continue to fill out the rest of this questionaire if you would like an original storyline involving your child.  (feel free to put more than one "favorite"in each space!)

Name of Best friend:

Favorite activities:

Favorite animal:

Favorite color:

Favorite sport:

Favorite tv show:

Favorite food:

Favorite movie:

Favorite season:

Favorite holiday:

Favorite vacation spot:

Favorite toy:

Do you have a pet?
If so, what kind of pet and what is it's name?

Please tell me a little bit about the personality of your child? Is he or she shy? Bubbly? Serious? Spiritual? Thoughtful? etc...

If there is anything in particular that you would like in this story, please write it here:

Please contact us at the above email if you have any questions or comments.
Thank you!