Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A - Z "Z"

Zippity Do Dah!

Yep. I know this is the longest of all of my A to Z words, and in fact, I suppose it's actually three words. But in all honesty, I really don't care. I am on Z. I am finished. I have finally completed the A to Z challenge.  that's it. I'm done. complete.

Zippity Do Dah, Zippity yay!


A-Z "Y"


I've read that when you are trying to sell someone something,  if you can get them to answer 3 questions in a row with a "yes", then you will probably be able to complete the sale.  The interesting thing is that the questions don't even have to have anything to do with what you are trying to sell!

So here we go...

1. Do you want to be successful?
2. Do you want to enjoy life?
3. Do you like apple pie?  (Who doesn't?)

And then....

Would you like to buy my book?



A-Z "X"


All right, the truth is that up until this point all of the short words that I've been working on with this never ending quest that I have put myself on, have been common ordinary words that I use daily in my life.Unfortunately, I do not use a lot of X words in my daily vocabulary. I mean how many times a week do you use the word  Xylophone or X-ray? (Unless of course you are accident prone or a nurse.)

So I cheated. I asked my friend "Google" to come up with a 4 letter word that starts with "X".

Xyst:  A garden walk planted with trees.

I'm sure that this will someday help me win a game of Scrabble.  Here's hoping that something positive will happen because I am soldiering on with my A to Z quest.

Have a great day!


A-Z "W"


This is an amazing word. An incredibly powerful word.

 And upside down?  It spells "Mom".

Absolutely appropriate in my opinion.



A-Z "V"


This is my biggest trouble letter in all 26 letters of the alphabet merely because I'm not sure how to spell the word I have chosen!

Lots of things vie for our attention every day; Family, friends, ministry, chores, work, responsibilities, fears, meal planning, communication, sleeping, NCIS, The Voice, and Survivor,  just to name a few.  You have to make sure the cats, dogs, horses, hubby, and children get fed at least a couple of times a day, otherwise they get a bit crabby, ya know?

To be perfectly honest, all I would like to do is lie on a beach somewhere and read a book. the only thing that might vie for my attention on a day like that would be the other book resting on the sand next to me.

Ahhhh   imagine.



Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A-Z "U"


Uh, Let's see. When you give a speech, do you have problems with the "uh" word?  I don't anymore, but when I first had my speech class in college, that was a big problem.

I have to confess, when President Obama first came on the scene, he drove me crazy with his "um"s and "uh"s. I just recently noticed that he has improved over the last 5 years... at least when it comes to the "um"s and "uh"s.   :)


Monday, May 6, 2013

A-Z "T"


I'll bet just because I am a children's pastor, you think that my "T" word for the day means little ones, children, toddlers,  tots.


I want you to know that I love tater tots, particularly Sonic's chili cheese tots. I think I might possibly be addicted. I can't pass a sonic without stopping.  This is not good for the midriff. Not so good for the pockets either.   But man, oh man, my taste buds are happy!


A - Z "R"

(Author's note: I have no idea why I wrote two "R" blogs, but I actually kind of like this one, so I'm keeping it in.  Have a great day!)


I recently reread  the book "1984". I would strongly recommend it to all especially in light of stuff that is happening in today's society.

Without spoiling the final climax of the book (for those who haven't read it yet), I want to tell you that I have horrible visions of the final time that the main character is tortured. It is embedded in my brain. I think I would do and say anything if someone would do that to me...

Rats.  Hungry rats. ugh.


A-Z "S"


So I'm really way behind on my A-Z blogs
So I probably should just quit, but something inside won't let me...
So I will probably just keep going even though I think I've been taken off of the linky list
So no one will be visiting my posts...
So if these thoughts are shorter than usual, maybe that will explain it.
So See you later....  or maybe not.


Saturday, May 4, 2013

A-Z "R"


I love to read.
Of course I haven't read all of the books in my house yet.
But my favorite color is red.
And I can turn reeds into whistles...

The English language is weird.

So did you first read this as "reed" or "red"?


A-Z "Q"


I will not quit.
Even though it is already May and the A-Z challenge was supposed to be finished on April 30th.
Even though, I am barely halfway through the alphabet.
Even though, I'm really thinking my theme for the year was lame...

I will not quit.

Winston Churchill said it best in a very short speech at a graduating class  ceremony.  He was the main speaker. He was eloquently introduced, stood up at the podium and gave his speech.
"Never quit, never quit, never quit."  And then he sat down.

I think I'll take his advice.


A-Z "P"

Pin, pen, pan

Three words today in honor of all of my southern friends, along with a confession: When you are talking to me with your lovely accent, most of the time, I don't know which of these three words you are saying.  Sometimes I can figure it out by the context of the sentence.

But this is the one that really gets me:

"Do you have a Paannn?"   Pen?  Pan?  Pin?

I just say no.



A-Z "O"


Another very small word that goes right along with my last post.  But this little word can have so many meanings!

OOOOOHHHH!  Like I get it now!

oh.    you've put me in my place by showing me that I don't really know what I was talking about.

and then there is the one that is accompanied by the "no".

Oooooohhhhh Noooooooo!   I don't like to hear that one.  that's the one that means the cookie jar that your mother (who passed away 11 years ago) gave you years ago has just fallen off of the counter into a million pieces...

and it was a Mr. Peanut cookie jar too. :(


A- Z "N"


The biggest little word in the English language.  It's the "n" sound with a long "O". Seems simple enough, but many of us have a really hard time saying it.  

Do you?


Thursday, May 2, 2013

A-Z - (J)


Just a minute...

Just in case....

Justin Morgan had a horse.

Just a little piece...

Just you wait Henry Higgins, just you wait!

That's all. J's are hard....


A- Z - "M"



The shortest word with the longest meaning. My mom is with Jesus now and has been for almost 11 years. I can't tell you how many times a day I think of her even now.

1. I work with children. She loved children,... all children.
2. When it snows.
3. When I'm making dinner and using her "Joy of Cooking" cookbook.
4. When I see a cardinal.
5. When I see my cat sitting on "her" chair. (She loved all animals except cats. Maybe she would like this cat though just because it's name is "mama cat".)
6. When I walk outside on our 4 acre farm, thinking how much she would love it!
7. When I talk to my sisters.
8. When I talk to my brothers.
9. Every day during the spring.
10. When I hear the Star Spangled Banner
11. When my children do something amazing.
12. When I see the book "Spot the Fire cat". (She read it to my children many many times.)
13. When I look in the mirror and I'm not wearing my glasses. ( the fuzziness of the image looks a bit like her.)
14. When I take my bone strengthening pill.
15. When I talk to my Dad.
16. When one of my children say something witty.
17. When I go to a foreign country.
18. When I am studying the 20th century history
19. When I look at my 21 year old daughter's tiny shoulders. (My mom was tiny.)
20. When I eat strawberries. (She didn't like strawberries. Can you imagine anyone not liking strawberries?)

Yep. I miss her.


A to Z - "L"

"La la la "

This could be singing  but in my life, I mostly use this sound when I am plugging my ears and not wanting to hear something that is going on around me. "la la la la la la la".

Of course if it was me singing, everyone else would be putting their fingers in their own ears and saying "la la la la la" to themselves!