Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A-Z "V"


This is my biggest trouble letter in all 26 letters of the alphabet merely because I'm not sure how to spell the word I have chosen!

Lots of things vie for our attention every day; Family, friends, ministry, chores, work, responsibilities, fears, meal planning, communication, sleeping, NCIS, The Voice, and Survivor,  just to name a few.  You have to make sure the cats, dogs, horses, hubby, and children get fed at least a couple of times a day, otherwise they get a bit crabby, ya know?

To be perfectly honest, all I would like to do is lie on a beach somewhere and read a book. the only thing that might vie for my attention on a day like that would be the other book resting on the sand next to me.

Ahhhh   imagine.



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