Thursday, June 30, 2011

Favorite song?

My favorite song for today is "Mean" by Taylor Swift. I won't go into WHY it's my favorite song today, at least not in this post, but I will say that my favorite song changes daily. I'll also tell you that I use the word "favorite" ALL of the time. When I teach children's church and I'm talking about a Bible story, I nearly always say "This is my favorite story" or "This is my favorite Bible character!" The kids respond with "You always say that!". I can't help it. It's true! They are all my favorites!

So, what I want to know from you is what is your favorite song for today? What particular lyrics resound in your heart, just for today?


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14th - Over the Years

Today is June 14th, Flag day here in the US. It is also the day my mom passed away nine years ago. It's a day that I will never forget but really don't want to dwell on.

while I was thinking about it the other day, I remembered that the year after she died, on exactly June 14th, I was diagnosed as having a concussion. It got me to wondering what happened on other years on that exact day. I was really curious, but how in the world can you find out that information?

Well,my wonderful hubby has kept a journal of sorts since about 1976. It's not much each day. he writes in teeny tiny handwriting on a small Hallmark calendar. He writes things like the temperature, any special events, phone calls he makes to family, projects that he works on, etc. It's just a tiny slice of his life, a life that I have shared with him in some way since 1984.

So here's the list of the last 28 years of June 14th.... (the Parentheses are my comments)

2010- painted the pool house. (What? we have a pool house! Never even thought we would have a pool!)

2009- left for vacation in Wi.

2008- missionaries come to our house for a cookout (four days before we moved to Georgia)

2007- lunch at the mall

2006- Visited Bay Beach in Wi (This great little amusement Park in Green Bay Wisconsin. Tickets for rides are only a quarter a piece!)

2005- hubby's parents visiting from Wi. Out to eat at Laddie and Dukes (Hubby's family lives in Wisconsin. We lived in NC so it was wonderful having them there.)

2004- First day of VBS (So many years of vacation Bible School! So many great memories!)

2003- Got a concussion in Illinois (Kept telling everyone I had a "coma".)

2002 - Mom died after a kidney stone operation (Devastating, but saw and felt God's peace like I never have before.)

2001 - Teen Challenge had a walkathon

2000 - dentist appointment

1999- Bought phones for hubby's parents.

1998- Out for a steak dinner

1997 - Travel to Maysville, Kentucky (The home of Ulysses Grant! Also the middle of our trip to Wisconsin1996 - Hubby day off, he got a haircut. (I'm not very observant. I don't always notice when this happens.)( And I am 2 months pregnant with my third born!)

1995- Discipleship Dynamics class ( a great church class about Leading people to Jesus through building relationships.

1994- Old friend, Sharon Sweiger, visits (Hubby and I actually met for the first time at her house in 1984.) (And this year, I am 7 months pregnant with my second born!)

1993- Hubby wins $45.00 (I have NO idea how he won $45.00!)

1992- returned to Greensboro from Wi. Flight delayed (Ihad a 6 month old on this trip. We sat on the plane for over an hour before we took off! fortunately, the baby slept the whole time.)

1991- hubby and 5 brothers visits uncles ( and I am about 3 months pregnant with my firstborn.)

1990- Hubby fed horses at horse co-op

1989- Hubby going home from visitng fiancee (me!)

1988 - Visited (and dated!) a girl named Emilie. (We weren't dating at that time.)
1987 - pre-hubby, newly back, living in Wisconsin- goes swimming in the river.

1986- pre-hubby says "talked to Linda for a few minutes". We weren't even dating at the time.

1985 - pre-hubby says "called Linda" (We were dating, but had just got unengaged)

1984 - three days before my car accident. (Totaled the car... not wearing my seatbelt.)(Hubby and I have been dating for about a month now.)

1983- Exactly One month after I graduated college (That's not on his calendar, I just know that date. It was important!)

So that's it, a walk down memory lane for a day that I really did need to know that good things happen over the years. It was a great exercise for me. If you have a chance, you should do it too!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Dates I remember....

I read a post the other day (sorry, I can't remember whose it was. I was doing one of those linky things...) by a person who remembered people's phone numbers from her past. seven (or ten) digits long, with no patterns to help you remember.... I've never been good at that.

What I do is remember birthdays; Birthdays of people that I haven't seen in 35 years... Birthdays of my brother's old girlfriends, family birthdays, old friends...

January 8
January 11
January 17th
January 22
February 1
February 2
March 6
March 11
April 23
April 24
April 27
May 12
A week or so after May 12th (Okay, so I don't remember ALL birthdays! :) )
June 3
June 9
June 10
June 13...

On these particular days, throughout the course of the day, (when I finally find out what day it actually is) my first thought is "Hey that's so and so's birthday!" and I wish them a silent across the miles, wonderful day.

Which brings me today, June 13th, an old high school boyfriend's birthday. Happy birthday, Mark! (and yes, admittedly, I do remember his family's phone number too.)


Why I love Mondays (and yes I know it's Tuesday)

I kind of like Mondays. Maybe it's because on Mondays I can relax a bit. Sundays are my big intense day, the day I work toward each week. So on Mondays, I breathe a sigh of relief (if the children's service went well) or a sigh of regret (if something didn't turn out quite right), then I take a deep breath and start all over again.

It's kind of like a mulligan in golf, a do over, a blank slate,a fresh start. I like those. I wouldn't say that Monday was the absolute favorite day of the week, but it comes close.

How about you? Tell me the reason that you love your favorite day of the week...


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"W" * Did I really never post this? Is my A-Z never going to be finished?

Oh horrors! I just realized that my draft for the letter "W" for the "A to Z challenge" never got posted! So, I didn't do all 26 letters last April! Yikes!

So, even though it's late, and in order to say that I did indeed finish the challenge, I need to print it now....


The World and the Word and the Woman at the Well. (We'll call her Wendy)

The woman at the well heard the Word from the Word and her world whirled in a worshipful way.

If you heard me try to say this sentence you would probably laugh. When the letters "w" and "r" are in a word together I end to lose the "r" sound. I think it comes from having a mother who was raised in Rhode Island... you know where they "pak the cas in the paking lot."

In elementary school in Pennsylvania, all of the teachers knew that my mom was from Rhode Island and when they heard me speaking without my Rs, they just smiled and said, "Oh she's just picking up her mother's accent."

It wasn't until 6th grade that someone realized that it didn't matter how her mother talked, Linda needed to learn to say her "r"s! So, I entered speech class at 11 years old in the sixth grade along with lots of other 1st and 2nd graders. I didn't really mind. I think it got me out of math class or something... and the homework was easy. I just had to practice things like "Robert ran down the road running after the rabbit."

It seems though, that I must have missed the sessions with words like "World War one", and "rural".

What does this have to do with the Woman at the Well?

Well, nothing really...She could probably say her "r"s just fine...


Monday, June 6, 2011

My three favorite games....

Oh, the frustrations of Not being a technical computer person! I just tried linking up with a blogfest and I'm pretty sure I didn't do it completely correctly... my name is on the list, but I'm not too sure that people will be directed here! Oh well... I'm supposed to put down my three games that I love. I'm going to add a bonus. I'm also going to tell you three games that I hate!

Love em:

Bananagrams: Any word game actually, but bananagrams is my newest favorite game. It's a bit like Scrabble only each individual comes up with their own crossword puzzle. If you are a word person at all, you will love this game!

Pictionary: An oldie, but a goodie. My sister and I used to smear everyone at this game. She would draw for about two seconds and I would come up with the answer. Used to irritate everybody else that played with us! :)

The games that my son and I make up while swimming in our pool: Over the last few years, we have come up with dozens of games. A huge part of the fun is creating the rules and scoring for each game. Yesterday's game was throwing a ball into an innertube. Each ball scored was worth 1000 points until you got 5000 points. then you were allowed to starting betting on each shot. It was a lot of fun, even though my son won each round that we played.

Hate 'em:

In truth, there is only one form of game that I hate and that is the trivia games! I am terrible at them. The only problem with that is that my husband loves them and doesn't really like word games. this makes it tough for us to find games that both of us enjoy.

How about you?
What are your favorite (or least favorite) games?


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Year's resolutions revisited

June 1st- We're getting close to the halfway mark in the year 2011. How are you doing on those resolutions that you made so many months ago?

I really only had two that I wrote down. The first one was to use the Wii fit program regularly and at least get more fit if not lose some weight. I did that until about six weeks ago. Not sure what happened, but I think I just got a bit discouraged. I kept losing and gaining the same two pounds.

The good news (ha ha, get it? Good News!) is that I completed my second resolution! I wanted to read the Bible completely in four months. It actually took me 4 1/2 months but I finished on May 15th. I loved reading it in it's entirety at a faster pace than I ever had before. the only negative was that I pretty much had to stop reading everything else for awhile!

My next step is to study some of the books in more depth. I was fascinated by how much of Isaiah is actually in the Gospels. It wasn't just the direct quotes from Jesus either. A lot of the Sermon on the Mount had ideas that were based on sections of the prophet's words.

Last week, I started comparing the Gospels and Isaiah, but got stuck on the first couple of verses in Isaiah. I had to go back to 2nd Chronicles and find out about Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezachiah because that's the time period that Isaiah prophesied. (yep, I'm getting distracted by the details again! :) )

Anyway, I'll work on that for a month or two and then I'm going to attempt the 4 month reading schedule again. Anyone want to join me?