Thursday, October 11, 2012

Don't Panic

Where Have I Been????

I can't believe I took another one of my unplanned hiatus from writing in this blog! Kudos to all of you who write on a regular basis. You inspire me to try harder!

Seriously, the only place I have had a chance to write  during these last few months has been on my hand, reminding me about all of the items on my "to do" list. (Even now, I have the word "tailgate"  written there, reminding me that I have get to plan a fantastic and fun football time for the kids at our church next Wednesday night!)

Okay, so here is the reason I've been so crazy busy... (Drum roll please) for the last 17 months our church has been working toward trying to open an afterschool program, and finally, yes, I said finally! We have been fully licensed by the state of Georgia to open the Oasis Child Enrichment Center in Midland, Ga!    YAY!

Okay. I think I'm done with the exclamation points now. It really has been a huge learning experience for me. Patience, perseverence, and plodding through have been high on the list of essential character qualities that I've needed to improve.

Another quality would be learning not to panic easily.

For instance, after your church has spent thousands and thousands of dollars fixing things up so you can have an afterschool program and your State consulant gets on the phone and says "I don't know if we will ever be able to approve you due to the layout of your building."   WHAT????  Don't panic.

Or when you are only about two weeks away from being approved and your State consultant says that you may need to file a bunch more forms and be approved for an exemption (because we were running a free program).  NO Way!  Don't panic.

Or when you walk out to your playground after just having spoken to your consultant on the phone about poisonous plants (with the consultant specifically talking about acorns) and you see ACORNS!
all over the playground.  Do not panic. Call the tree guy. have him cut down the Oak tree that you see just outside of your fence. (While he is there, he notices two more oak trees. he cuts them down.) After he is finished, walk down to the playground. Realize that since three trees have been cut down, your playground has NO Shade! (a requirement of the state)  You cannot grow trees in time for the state inspection.  DON"T PANIC!  Go buy a gazebo tent... It will be grand.

Or after that same conversation with the consultant, you realize that part of the fence on your playground is Not the required 4 feet in height. Don't panic. Call the fence guys. Tell them you need the fence fixed quickly. They say they will be there Monday. It rains Monday. You assume they will come Tuesday. They don't come on Tuesday.... You call and call and call and no one answers the phone.  Oh and did I mention that the inspection in on THURSDAY???  They come on Wednesday. they fix the fence. No need to panic.

I honestly could go on and on but you get the idea.  I am extremely happy that we are finished with the initial licensing precedure. I'm sure that there will be many challenges ahead, but I will try to remember the (other) golden rule of leadership... say it with me...

Don't panic.