Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Year's resolutions revisited

June 1st- We're getting close to the halfway mark in the year 2011. How are you doing on those resolutions that you made so many months ago?

I really only had two that I wrote down. The first one was to use the Wii fit program regularly and at least get more fit if not lose some weight. I did that until about six weeks ago. Not sure what happened, but I think I just got a bit discouraged. I kept losing and gaining the same two pounds.

The good news (ha ha, get it? Good News!) is that I completed my second resolution! I wanted to read the Bible completely in four months. It actually took me 4 1/2 months but I finished on May 15th. I loved reading it in it's entirety at a faster pace than I ever had before. the only negative was that I pretty much had to stop reading everything else for awhile!

My next step is to study some of the books in more depth. I was fascinated by how much of Isaiah is actually in the Gospels. It wasn't just the direct quotes from Jesus either. A lot of the Sermon on the Mount had ideas that were based on sections of the prophet's words.

Last week, I started comparing the Gospels and Isaiah, but got stuck on the first couple of verses in Isaiah. I had to go back to 2nd Chronicles and find out about Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezachiah because that's the time period that Isaiah prophesied. (yep, I'm getting distracted by the details again! :) )

Anyway, I'll work on that for a month or two and then I'm going to attempt the 4 month reading schedule again. Anyone want to join me?



Su said...

I do the same thing when it comes to the Old Testament-- hopping back & forth to read all the stuff that happened at the same time.

And I think you're off on your midpoint of the year... unless you're calling it quits at the end of October! You still have until the beginning of July before we're half done with 2011. ;)

Linda Fischer said...

oops! I think you're right! Does that mean I have to get the Wii fit out again??? :)

Theresa Milstein said...

What a cool idea to visit your New Year's Resolution. I've never seen anyone else do that before.

Jefferson Family Two by Two said...

I started on May 25th and am trying to read through the whole Bible by the end of the year. It averages out to about 6 chapters a day. I'm really excited about it!