Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14th - Over the Years

Today is June 14th, Flag day here in the US. It is also the day my mom passed away nine years ago. It's a day that I will never forget but really don't want to dwell on.

while I was thinking about it the other day, I remembered that the year after she died, on exactly June 14th, I was diagnosed as having a concussion. It got me to wondering what happened on other years on that exact day. I was really curious, but how in the world can you find out that information?

Well,my wonderful hubby has kept a journal of sorts since about 1976. It's not much each day. he writes in teeny tiny handwriting on a small Hallmark calendar. He writes things like the temperature, any special events, phone calls he makes to family, projects that he works on, etc. It's just a tiny slice of his life, a life that I have shared with him in some way since 1984.

So here's the list of the last 28 years of June 14th.... (the Parentheses are my comments)

2010- painted the pool house. (What? we have a pool house! Never even thought we would have a pool!)

2009- left for vacation in Wi.

2008- missionaries come to our house for a cookout (four days before we moved to Georgia)

2007- lunch at the mall

2006- Visited Bay Beach in Wi (This great little amusement Park in Green Bay Wisconsin. Tickets for rides are only a quarter a piece!)

2005- hubby's parents visiting from Wi. Out to eat at Laddie and Dukes (Hubby's family lives in Wisconsin. We lived in NC so it was wonderful having them there.)

2004- First day of VBS (So many years of vacation Bible School! So many great memories!)

2003- Got a concussion in Illinois (Kept telling everyone I had a "coma".)

2002 - Mom died after a kidney stone operation (Devastating, but saw and felt God's peace like I never have before.)

2001 - Teen Challenge had a walkathon

2000 - dentist appointment

1999- Bought phones for hubby's parents.

1998- Out for a steak dinner

1997 - Travel to Maysville, Kentucky (The home of Ulysses Grant! Also the middle of our trip to Wisconsin1996 - Hubby day off, he got a haircut. (I'm not very observant. I don't always notice when this happens.)( And I am 2 months pregnant with my third born!)

1995- Discipleship Dynamics class ( a great church class about Leading people to Jesus through building relationships.

1994- Old friend, Sharon Sweiger, visits (Hubby and I actually met for the first time at her house in 1984.) (And this year, I am 7 months pregnant with my second born!)

1993- Hubby wins $45.00 (I have NO idea how he won $45.00!)

1992- returned to Greensboro from Wi. Flight delayed (Ihad a 6 month old on this trip. We sat on the plane for over an hour before we took off! fortunately, the baby slept the whole time.)

1991- hubby and 5 brothers visits uncles ( and I am about 3 months pregnant with my firstborn.)

1990- Hubby fed horses at horse co-op

1989- Hubby going home from visitng fiancee (me!)

1988 - Visited (and dated!) a girl named Emilie. (We weren't dating at that time.)
1987 - pre-hubby, newly back, living in Wisconsin- goes swimming in the river.

1986- pre-hubby says "talked to Linda for a few minutes". We weren't even dating at the time.

1985 - pre-hubby says "called Linda" (We were dating, but had just got unengaged)

1984 - three days before my car accident. (Totaled the car... not wearing my seatbelt.)(Hubby and I have been dating for about a month now.)

1983- Exactly One month after I graduated college (That's not on his calendar, I just know that date. It was important!)

So that's it, a walk down memory lane for a day that I really did need to know that good things happen over the years. It was a great exercise for me. If you have a chance, you should do it too!



Sheila Siler said...

What a great review of life! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

This is a good blog. Keep up all the work. I too love blogging and expressing my opinions. Thanks

Recovering Church Lady said...

What a crazy fun idea! I have about 30 years of journals, I could do this too, but too much work!! Lazy lady huh?
My mom recently passed away on May 19th and I know that date is burned in my heart forever.
Thanx for the kind comment.

Recovering Church Lady said...

....and have I told you how much a love love your blog name!! The best ever!