Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A-Z "X"


All right, the truth is that up until this point all of the short words that I've been working on with this never ending quest that I have put myself on, have been common ordinary words that I use daily in my life.Unfortunately, I do not use a lot of X words in my daily vocabulary. I mean how many times a week do you use the word  Xylophone or X-ray? (Unless of course you are accident prone or a nurse.)

So I cheated. I asked my friend "Google" to come up with a 4 letter word that starts with "X".

Xyst:  A garden walk planted with trees.

I'm sure that this will someday help me win a game of Scrabble.  Here's hoping that something positive will happen because I am soldiering on with my A to Z quest.

Have a great day!


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