Thursday, April 5, 2012

D and E- Dear Dee and Eileen

Middle school is a tough time for just about everyone in the world, but the  trio of friendship that we had in place helped us slide through it relatively unscathed.

Middle school was called "Jr. High" then (I'm showing our age, sorry!) and the three of us were together almost all of the time. We survived crushes on science teachers, popularity contests, crushes on ninth graders, geography class (just barely!), and dances where we would try to convince each other to hold the sweaty hands of our 7th grade dates.

Through it all there was two things I was jealous of with both of you...  first was the fact that you both took cathechism classes  (I was baptist- we didn't have anything like that!)  and second, neither one of you used your real first names.  Dee was short for Denise) and Eileen, you used your middle name instead of your first name, Helen.  I have no idea why this was such a big deal. But it was.

It was such a big deal in fact, that I decided to share the secret of my real name. "Linda" was short for "Belinda".

Now, my confession. It has taken me thirty seven years to tell you, I lied.

( I feel so much better now. :)

Looking back, my real question is - why in the world did I pick "Belinda"?? I had the freedom to pick any of the bajillion names in the world, and I pick "Belinda"?  I could have chosen Julie, or Jessica, or Jennifer (the three names I picked most often when I was fantasizing about changing my name) but I chose...

My only excuse is that I was in Middle school- too busy discussing my latest heartthrobs to be a bit more creative. I would say that I'll do better next time, but I'm really not supposed to lie about such things...

My name is Linda. My name is Linda. My name is Linda.  :)

Thanks for being part of those memories.


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