Friday, April 27, 2012

Dear "X",

You my friend, have gotten sort of a bum rap these last few decades. Your lovely symetrical shape has been associated with some not so good experiences in our lives:

Teachers use you to show students which questions they get wrong, using a blood colored pen for emphasis. I don't know why they do this. Surely a light blue or green ink would soften the blow.

You are what they call the spouses that are not longer spouses. Many try to "x" out that part of their lives that didn't work out exactly as they planned.

Your sound starts nasty words like eXam and X-ray. Two words that I personally, would like to stay away from.

But there is good in you.

All those X's and O's that mean hugs and kisses... (how did that get started, I wonder?)

and  memories of games of tic tac toes on the back of church bulletins (or the "dots" game- that was fun too!- but that has nothing to do with you. :) )

And best of all , from the time we are tiny, dreaming of pirates and princesses, you capture our imagination.

You mark the spot where treasure lies.         X


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