Monday, April 9, 2012

I- Dear Isaiah, Ian, (and Eli too!)

You three are awesome! I love watching you grow up! I'm so blessed to be your Children's Pastor. I see God already working in your lives! I can't wait to see all He has planned for you.

I wanted to talk to you about something very important- something you sort of already know. You are "PK'"s, (youth) pastor's kids. It's a really great thing to be. You get to have a lot of great experiences- ski trips, missions trips, special youth activities, meeting important people, hanging out with teens when you're only 8 years old... it's really a pretty cool life.

There can be a few tough things too. Sometimes you'll feel like you are under a microscope. People might expect you to be pretty close to perfect because you're the children of close to perfect people.. (That's how some people think toward anyone that's in the ministry... but you know- We're just ordinary people that love Jesus!)

You'll probably be at church a lot... a whole lot.  but that's not a bad thing. It can be like a second home. My kids have always enjoyed it. Even now, they take every chance they can to be at church (even when I'm not there!). I Love that!

Here's what I want to tell you;
Don't be afraid to be yourself. All three of you are amazing! Each of you has their own gifts and talents that God has given you.

Smile and forgive those that try to make you conform to what they think you should be.

Love God, Obey your parents, and love your neighbor... that's pretty much the gospel in 9 easy words...
but you know that, you're a PK!

Pastor Linda

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