Friday, April 6, 2012

G- Dear Gregg,

Who else could be my "G"?

 It has to be you.

The one who fixes my car, and changes my oil, takes stubborn stains out of the carpet and tills the garden. The one who stops to buy the milk that I forgot to buy, puts up the volleyball net, and makes  delicious dinners on Sundays.
The one who cleans (I mean really cleans!) the toilet bowl and helps to de-flea the dogs.
 The one who takes me for lobster at least once a year and who still wows me when he sings.
 The one who drives for hours and hours on  our cross country trips, cleans the tile in the shower, washes the cars, does the taxes, records Survivor, and teaches our teens how to drive a stick shift.
 The one who buys me flowers "just because".
The one who mows the hard to get spots on our lawn, loves Jesus with his whole heart, and makes some awesome stir-fry.

 You're my kind of guy.

I love you.


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