Tuesday, April 17, 2012

P- Dear Philip,

I no longer have a little one at home and I miss the openness and honesty that comes along with having a four year old around. Your mom has shared some of those great quotes over the last few months.

 You are one very funny dude!

Philip: Mammals have hair. People who don't have hair are reptiles.

Phillip: Spaghetti is healthy if you eat it with a fork. It's bad for you if you eat it with your fingers.

Philip: I can spell gps. G-P-P-S

Mom: Are you sure it has 2 p's?

Philip: Words always have more letters than you think.

Philip: Mommy, who's the Arthur of this book?

Philip: Daddy, I can't see my eyes.

Philip: Mommy, that basket of clothes got knocked over by no one. No one did it. Not ever. Not me. (This is especially funny because of my "n" post.) 

thanks for making me smile, Philip. 


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