Sunday, April 1, 2012

A- Dear Angela and Adele

Dear Ang,

 It's pretty appropriate to start my A-Z posts with you, my oldest friend.... I mean... the friend that I've had the longest. We've known each other since we were a year old, almost 50 years!

My first best friend...My earliest memory of "us" is hanging upside down on your swing set singing "I've got six pence, jolly jolly sixpence" and then later, sitting on a tree branch at my house singing "Billy, don't be a hero".  (What's with all the singing?) We were inseparable... until they stuck us in different classrooms in the third grade. (Whose bad idea was that anyway?)

Then in sixth grade, you moved away. In big people terms it wasn't very far away, but we didn't get to see each other very often and we pretty much lost touch  during high school and beyond. I know those years were hard ones for you and I hate that I wasn't there for you. Forgive me, my friend.

Then after college we found each other again! We even lived within just a few blocks of each other for awhile.    I got to be Auntie Linda to your kiddos (especially Stevie whom I shall always love and adore!) I spent many many evenings at your house, playing cards and drinking Pepsi from a coffee mug. :)

We are far away from each other again. (16 hours by car!) but always there will be a connection between us. We share a history. Our lives are very different, and yet always, there is room for each other. A quick phone call, an occasional text, and an even more rare actual visit.  We meet, and immediately all of the years disappear and we are those young children again, inseparable.   Thanks for being that forever friend.

God has blessed my life with you.
You mean the world to me.


Dear Adele, I really, really love your music and the first time I saw you on an awards show, you were amazingly poised. I thought to myself "What a classy young lady." A few days later you were on another show winning even more awards. I guess you spoke a little bit longer than you were supposed to and they cut off the sound to your microphone. And in an impulsive move brought on by the adrenaline of the moment, you flipped your middle finger to the powers that be.

I guess first impressions can be deceiving.



Sheila Siler said...

Angela is lucky to have you! And Adele, well, I know . . . but what a beautiful voice . . .

Sylvia Ney said...

So very lucky to have such a long lasting friendship. I envy you.

New follower here. I’m enjoying reading my fellow “A to Z”ers. I look forward to visiting again.


Pearson Report said...

Hi Linda - what a great start to the A-Z Challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed this post.
Your heartfelt letter to Angela touched me. And as to Adele...the voice is a treasure...I prefer to "hear" her.

Jenny @ Pearson Report
Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

Anita said...

I just popped over to see what you're up to for the A-Z Challenge, & thanks for your post. I love how good friends can just pick up from where they left off, regardless of distance & time apart :)