Saturday, July 31, 2010

I am a barterer. Whether or not this is a real word is immaterial. I am bartering. I started with a paper clip and though I wish that I could say that this was an original idea, it wasn't. I got it from Reader's Digest. A few years back they did an article on a man who bartered his way from a paperclip all the way to a new house!

The truth is I didn't even start out with a paper clip. I started with the promise of a paper clip. My friend Joyce Carter was just as excited by this idea of barterdom as I was and said that she would trade me a flashlight for the paper clip. The following Sunday, she showed up with the coolest flashlight I've ever seen! I had forgotten my paper clip at home (ADD moment) but she traded me anyway.

Now, I have the opportunity to trade my flashlight for a toaster and a free dinner. here's my dilemma: Can I eat the free dinner and still trade the toaster? Or do I need to keep the trades "intact"? I'm still so new at this...

Regardless, I still owe Joyce a paperclip...

If anyone would like to trade me something for a toaster (sans the dinner:)) Just let me know!


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