Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thinking of her... and Him

It's not a holiday. It's not her birthday. It's not even the anniversary of the day she left this earth. There is no particular reason that she should be on the vestiges of my conscience all day long, and yet she is. Not in a "remember when" kind of way, but in a "I can't wait to share this moment with her" kind of way. And then I remember... my mom is with Jesus and has been for eight long earth years.

Can she see what's going on down here? Does she have front row seats to everything that's going on in her children's lives? Does she brag about us? (Is there bragging in heaven? Cuz if there is, she's bragging.)

The people that have heaven figured out would probably say that she is too busy worshiping Jesus to be paying attention to what's going on down here. I sort of have a different picture.

I see Mom and Jesus together, during their "one on one" time, discussing us. They are both excited, talking about their "children" and what is going on in their lives, and Jesus is encouraging her about how ultimately, the struggles they are dealing with right now will bring them closer to God. And of course, Mom believes. It doesn't take much faith to believe things when you're standing right next to Jesus. :)

Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief...


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Sheila Siler said...

Wow. After only two and half years since my Mom left this year, I have a glimpse of what you mean. I shall have to ponder your scenario - wouldn't that be nice?