Sunday, March 13, 2011

Two  conversations that took place today in Children's Church-

Conversation one:

Little boy: I'm thirsty
(teacher gets him a cup of water)
Little boy: Excuse me. What kind of water is this?
Teacher: Just regular water.
Little boy: hmmm (sips water)
Little boy: I forgot to tell you that I'm allergic to water. (boy starts to sneeze and continues to sneeze for about 5 minutes.)
Teacher number two: (Takes little boy to the back of the room) I think that your allergy should be about done. It's been awhile since you drank the water.
Little boy:  Yeah, I think so. Thank you Jesus!

Conversation Two: (actually it's a riddle that a boy told me and I forgot to find out the answer.)

a farmer had nine ears of corn. A little mouse was taking the corn away three ears  at a time. How long did it take him? (The answer is NOT three.)



Sheila Siler said...

Allergic to water? That's a new one! Hmmm . . I'm not doing too well on the riddle. BTW, I like your new page look. And look at how your followers ahve grown! I can't wait to see what happens during April.

The walk to Christ said...

The mouse already has 2 ears so he is only taking 1 ear per trip for a total of 9 trips...following a small minds logic.

kimster44 said...

Linda, Linda... I've emailed you a couple times...only to have an old address....but I've seen you on FB and had no idea what this "Unloading my Brain to fill it again" thing was.... hahaha now I know!! you have a great blog!! I bet I will learn a lot from you.
Blessings and thanks for sharing some really cool things. I will have to tell Sara and Katie about this!!