Saturday, July 9, 2011

Things that Amaze me

Today I found out that there are not a plethora of fireflies in California!
Now, this "fact" may not be entirely accurate, but according to a young lady on the Disney channel (who was from California), the first time she ever saw a firefly was when she visited Maryland!

I have to confess that I have never even questioned the fact that there might be places that don't have fireflies. How many other questions have I never asked??

After having these revelations today, I wrote on my facebook that I am amazed at the things I don't know. One of my friends asked me how I can be amazed at the things I don't know, because... well because I don't know what those things are...

argh! How many things don't I know?

Why do cats spit up hairballs?
If a dromedary camel mates with a bactrian camel, how many humps will the baby have?
What really happened to Enoch of Bible fame?
What was the older brother's final decsion in the Prodigal son story?
Just how intelligent is a dolphin?

How about telling me a fact that you think is amazing. I'd love to learn more and be even more amazed.



Su said...

Nothing particularly amazing, but the first time my Californian husband saw fireflies, he said, "What are those funny lights in the yard?" :)

Anonymous said...

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