Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I - (the last word in my countdown)

I -  The all important one letter word that consumes our lives. Such a small little word, and yet it takes up so much of our time. Just in writing this blog, I've become a bit convicted.

1. How much time do I spend talking about myself?
2. How many things on my prayer list are about what I need want?
3. Do I pay attention to the answer when I ask someone a question, or do I spend the time they are answering me on figuring out what I'm going to say next?
4. Do I choose the bigger half of a candy bar when I'm being generous and sharing?
5. Do you realize how many times I've said "I" in these sentences?  :)

It is this author's opinion that she should spend the rest of the day, not using that particular one letter word. Let's see how it goes.... (It shouldn't be to hard since everyon else is in bed and it's 11:30 pm.)



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