Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The goal that keeps going on.... and on and on

Waaaaayyyy back in June I commented that I was getting close to my hundredth post here at "Unloading my Brain". At the time I thought I had written 97 separate pieces of literary genius.Surely it would be easy to hit that 100 mark by my one year blogging anniversary (in July)

A few days later I realized that many of the stories that I had written were never posted- only drafted- and I had further to go than I thought. No worries though, I knew I would get there sooner or later! It is now much much later. three days ago, I was getting very excited because I saw that I was about ready to write post number 98!   (YAY! Almost there, I thought) then I looked again. Once again, I had a number of drafts that I had never posted... so once again, I am looking at posting number 95.  

The good news? The A to Z blogging Challenge starts soon and I KNOW! without a doubt that I will pass that centennial mark in the month of April if not before.  (Please, please, God, let it before!)



Sheila Siler said...

You WILL do it! I have faith in you. Because of you, I signed up to do the challenge again this year (don't tell Ivan!)

Arlee Bird said...

I've got a ton of stuff in my drafts too, making it look like I've got a lot more posts than I actually do. Although I guess I'm somewhere around 600 posts on my main blog.

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