Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The "J" Names

Why I love “J” names:

Jacob, Joshua, Josiah, Joseph, Jesus

I love “J” names. When I was growing up and playing with my friends, my name would be Jill or Julie, or Jennifer. Interestingly enough, the only “J” name that I used while naming my children was “Joy”, my eldest daughter’s middle name.

My fascination with “J” names continues. Joseph, Joshua, and Josiah are three of my favorite Bible characters. I can’t say much about Jacob though. In my opinion, he’s one of those people that prove that God will use anybody! (And I am quite grateful for that!)

So here are the reasons that I love Joe, Josh, and Jo…

Joseph: Dreamer, trusting God no matter what, wise, and forgiving. Had a rough life, but finished strong!

Joshua: Always wanting more of God (He stayed in the tabernacle soaking in God’s glory, even after Moses left), obedient to whatever God wanted him to do, Great servant, great leader. Finished Strong!

Josiah: Youngest King. Heart for God. Finished strong (but died rather young.- If you’ve never read it, you should it’s a great story.) 2 Kings 22-23

And then there is Jesus. my King, my Best Friend. Lord, Help me to finish strong.



Laura Josephsen said...

I always loved Josiah's story. This king who loves God and follows after him right in the middle of all of these evil kings. His father and grandfather did horrible things.

Sheila Siler said...

Don't forget Jehovah!

KarenG said...

Two of my boys have J names and I kept getting them mixed up. A friend of mine had 4 boys whose names all start with J, I don't know how she keeps them straight. I wonder if the reason so many Biblical names begin with J is because of Jehovah?