Thursday, April 14, 2011

"L" is for Lazarus

Oh, what a story!

Wrapped up in grave clothes, looking like a mummy, he exits the tomb. He's been in there for four days, yet it only seemed a moment. He's been called away from paradise now by his good friend, Jesus. Nothing less than that would have pulled him away. As  someone unwraps the strips of cloth that bind him, he  squints as  light penetrates through the few layers that are left.  His eyes adjust and he sees a crowd of people. Most look ecstatic. Some look murderous. He continues to search the crowd. Then he sees Him. Jesus, standing tall and sure, smiling in his direction. He takes off running, tripping a bit over what is left of his death clothes. They collapse into each others arms. Yes, being held in the arms of Jesus is better even then paradise.


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Lynda R Young said...

beautifully written. Lazarus' story is a wonderful one.