Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How than shall we live?

Lots of people say they would be willing to die for Jesus. I've read lots of stories about people sacrificing their lives in the mission field or being martyred for their beliefs. I often wonder how I would do in those circumstances.  but even more important, than dying for Him, I want to live, really live, for Jesus.
Here's my list.

How I want to live:
1. As if I really believe that death is merely the door to heaven... eternal joy, peace, and love is just on the other side. (I do believe this, I just sometimes forget.) This sounds like such a cliche' but once you really understand this, the sting of death really is just about gone.
 2. Honestly.  I have noticed lately that it's the little things that are sometimes the hardest things to be honest about.
3. With passion. Life isn't worth living if I don't live with passion.
4. With compassion.

What about you?



Anonymous said...

1. Amen.
2. Amen.
3. Amen.
4. Amen.

Gregg said...

Great list! I also say amen!