Saturday, January 28, 2012

My mom was so tall...

If you had asked me to describe my mother in physical terms when I was young, the first thing I probably would have mentioned was her brilliant blue eyes. The second thing would be how tall she was. She was actually taller than my dad by an inch or two.

She often wore a sky blue bellbottom  pantsuit with huge white flowers all over it. (It was the 60's!) I remember standing by her side and looking up, up, up, and seeing those beautiful eyes and that amazing smile that is instantly recognizable to everyone that knew her.. I would raise up onto my tiptoes, and raise my hands high in the air to reach her shoulders. She would bend down and give me one of those kind of hugs that only a mom can give.
One of my goals in life was to grow as tall as she was so that I could reach the top cabinets without help and look at the tops of people's heads.  I didn't quite make it. I am only 5'4".

She was a whopping 5'5".

 It's all about perspective.  :)



Jay Paoloni said...

You're so right. I was talking about that with a friend just yesterday. It's all about we see people at a certain stage of our life. Then we move on, we progress, we have developments, and the next time we see that person, he/she has changed because we look at her/him from a changed perspective!

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Morgan said...

LOL! Totally all about perspective ;) New follower here! I love being connected with other writers--found you over on the .W.I.P. It BBQ :D