Monday, January 23, 2012

I just got done watching the movie Robinson Crusoe.... I thought for sure that his beloved would be married when he finally got back to civilization. That's how those stories usually go isn't it? I mean, that's what happened in Castaway, right?

I love movies with great friendships. Crusoe and Friday, Thelma and Louise, (Actually I never saw that movie, but I loved the previews!)  Fried Green Tomatoes,  Tom Hanks (sorry- (don't remember his character's name) and Wilson.

It puts me in mind of some of my friendship adventures:

My friend Angie- We've known each other for 48 years...When we were really young we would hang upside down on the swingset singing camp songs... later we'd climb a tree down by the creek singing "Billy don't be a hero". The only time I was ever in a fight was in the sixth grade defending her from a class bully. (And all I really did was pushed that bully down. However, this incident alone has made my children tease ME about being a bully!)

My friend, Sam. We met in the fourth grade. He was cute and had horses. We had so many adventures together. Farm shows, horse shows, trail rides, Jr. high school dances.  He gave me a hamster and kept it at his house. (We weren't allowed to have any animals that lived in a cage at our house. The poor hamster later drowned somehow in his basement....) He went away to private school our sophomore year and things were never quite the same.

My friend, Joy. Every card game I ever knew came from the hours that i spent with her family. We swam together, played Barbies until long after many of our friends had stopped... her family was the greatest.

Eileen and Dee and me. We were a threesome all the way through Junior High School. Friends through thick and thin....wearing makeup, sharing secret crushes,   then high school started. I got a boyfriend, and our friendship started to fade away. (Entirely my fault.)

High School: Mark, Raff, andme. Another threesome. Laughter galore. theatre... the musical Oklahoma, a surry ride on a March afternoon, Three Mile Island, adventure, young love...

Kevin, Stephen, and me... best college friends.... and another threesome. (Is there a pattern here? )So many adventures!  clowning, more theater, fishing, ice skating, late night walks,... oh yeah, and of course all those many classes that my parents paid for.

And then there are my college girl friends.... but hey, if I talk about everyone in this blog, what will be left to talk about in the other 7 blogs I have to write? :)


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